“Home Delivery” (A domicili)


This campaign was created for the City Hall of Castellón (Valencian Community, Spain) and intended to highlight the dehumanizing nature of prostitution.

Three men from various backgrounds request women over the telephone using the language with which women are described in ads for prostitution, porn, and brothels: “horny,” bitch,” “exotic,” “docile,” and “willing to do whatever I want” … What they receive is not a person but an object that matches their description.

Prostitution consists of renting a part of a human being (their body) disconnected from other features that make up their human dimension: their desire, emotions, and, in some cases, even their will). Prostitution dehumanizes prostituted persons by placing them in the category of an object. Men who conceive of sexuality as the rental of a being that does not desire them are incapable of forging emotional connections and empathizing.