“Hostesses, round 1” is the first of a series of actions that sheds light on the figure of the hostess or luring woman whose function is to tame or seduce the customer into buying a product.

The use of women as advertising lures is these days one of the major reasons of denunciations in the Advertising Observatory. However, it is hard to differentiate between an ad about prostitution and one about a perfume: the young woman is practically the same. It is clear that sex sells, but perhaps there are other effective formulas waiting to be discovered by creative men which don’t show women as a simple ornamental object.

In this action there is not a product to be sold or an event to be decorated, there are only hostesses that carry out their role perfectly: beautiful, sexy, young, scantily dressed, obliging, and so on. The perfect lure. But be careful! If you let yourself be seduced you will fall into their trap: behind these women that are merely ornaments there is literally nothing: the flyer is empty.