Images as a tool for social change

Visual language is the main communication tool of our days. Images are part of our everyday life: we all have access to them and we all can generate new ones.

The frenetic information flow to which we are constantly exposed makes images the ideal medium to communicate ideas in the fastest way, but also to manipulate and control the preferences of those who consume them.

Today more than ever, it is necessary to have tools that help us understand how mass media operate in order to empower our right to become free citizens, capable of making our own choices and developing a critical reading and understanding of visual messages.

In this workshop we will analyze the importance of the role of images in the construction of our identity, we’ll learn how to protect ourselves against stereotypes, how to assess the collective dimension of images and how to use them in a way that extends the freedom of people.

This workshop has two theoretical sessions and a practical one in which we’ll work as a group.

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