“Slaves” is a collection of clothes designed to show the female body with burkas.

While women in some societies are forced to hide their bodies, in others they are expected to exhibit them. Two realities cut from the same cloth: the submission to an objectifying look which becomes even more perverse when it ceases to be imposed and is assumed to be an ideal.

The collection has been designed by Sara Ostos and shown at the Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery, Madrid (July 2012), Rojo Artspace, Milán (October 2012) and Pilar Cubillo Gallery (April 2013).

“Exotic? Let’s not make a mistake; we all trail a burka and we wear a veil over our eyes – this is what has us see a biased and distorted reality of the social space where we all end up …. A body that is exhibited or hidden , or both things at the same time, based on the needs of the scene; behind a burka that hides value from the eyes of others or under a set of sexy lingerie which multiplies that value in the eyes of those who give meaning to that corporealness. This is why none of the bodies that could wear Yolanda Domínguez’ clothes would be freer in one or the other; and this is why the name of Slaves fits her ideal but unexpected target”. Silvia Nieto, Editor-in-chief of El Mundo Magazine