Excuse me, call me ma’am


Campaign carried out for the City Council of Soria whose objective is to give value to the word ma’am, resignifying and dignifying it. The objective is to stop using childish expressions to name women in professional spaces and with unknown people.

For this purpose, 5 artists have made illustrations on different meanings of the word “MA’AM”.

1. A woman who is celebrating life and serves herself the best piece of cake. By FLAVITA BANANA.
2. Woman who discovers and exercises the power to say no. By MARIA HESSE.
3. Woman in the season of reaping the fruits she has sown: power, awards, recognition, gifts. By SILJA GOETZ.
4. Woman who enjoys herself, likes herself and dresses up to go to dinner with herself. By MARÍA HERREROS.
5. Inspiring woman who lights the way for generations to come with the brightness of her gray hair. By ANA CUBAS.

The campaign consists of a video for social networks and merchandising objects such as T-shirts, notebooks and napkins for bars.

Graphic design Rifle.