The ‘Gallery’ project is aimed to shed light over one of the characteristics of our society: the morbid and addictive act of looking at intimate photos of others through the Internet.

Social networks make access to personal data of people all over the world easier than ever before. Peeking into others’ lives has become an everyday action that provides instant pleasure: watching without being watched.

The power to possessing information about someone else often results in a public dissemination of images without the consent of the person photographed, as it is the case of intimate photos of celebrities hacked off their mobile phones and later viewed and shared by millions of people.

The exhibition features a single artwork: the artist’s own smartphone displayed in the gallery space, allowing the visitor to freely access her private photo-gallery. Through this experience the artist gives the spectator the chance to decide whether to have a look or not, bringing up some issues like the vulnerability we are exposed to by using mobile devices, the constant exposure of the woman’s body in the media or the market that these images generate.