II Andalusian Congress on Co-education


Communication skills and strategies consultancy in its first edition

One-on-one work with all the teachers, speakers, and moderators participating in the congress to help them improve their communication skills.

Accompaniment in terms of communication and oratory for all congress participants, enabling them to tell stories that raise awareness and influence the audience, including engaging their audiences and holding their attention.
–Body and nonverbal language consultancy
– Utilization of the stage space
Audiovisual aid and/or presentations consultancy and implementation.
–Verbal, body, and paraverbal expression consultancy. Skills for relaying technical-scientific information in a more instructional, educational, and closer language
Scripting the content of the presentation with instructions for participants. Gathering information, putting it in order, planning the storytelling, arranging the audiovisual aids, and adapting the more scientific elements with a more educational, instructional, and closer language.
Structure of the key ideas of the speech, providing order, inserting links, and audiovisual resources that are entertaining and prevent it from becoming monotonous.
Consultancy and support for the presentation of content from a feminist perspective. Inclusive and non-sexist language.