Katy Salinas


This project was carried out by a rather peculiar fictional character who in just 1 week managed to rise questions, doubts, fears, laughter, compassion, hatred, love, sadness and anger.

Through a blog that has generated more than 20,000 visits and more than 1,000 comments (posted on the blog but also sent to her email address and in many online forums), “Katy Salinas”, a person that embodies the obsession for beauty brought to the extreme. Her story has raised numerous questions about the value given in this society to physical appearance and how we are influenced by all the messages that we receive constantly through the media in order to keep us forever young and within a certain canon (especially women).

This character recreates the situation of a woman who has dedicated her entire life to follow all sorts of advice, recipes and creepy practices that she finds in magazines, blogs and TV, so that she can stay beautiful and young at any price: even forgetting how to “live”.

The work, which on the one hand presents an extreme case of unhappiness (generating a lot of rejection in the viewer) is on the other hand an “ode to life” through all the messages it receives from people who encourage her to come out, smile, love, enjoy and live …

A small screenplay in the form of a blog that has managed to shock viewer in different ways.