Las Mujeres Facturan


Women are paid less than men.

Women hold fewer managerial positions than men.
Women receive lower pensions than men.

Women have fewer possessions than men.

Women are poorer than men.


Yolanda Domínguez, published in February 2024 “Women Also Make Money” a book that helps to identify the economic obstacles that women face.

The book provides figures and data on female poverty in the world, a journey through the economic history of women, an analysis of the cultural references associated with wealth and the stereotypes associated with gender that constantly push women to be generous without asking for anything in return. It also offers practical advice for day-to-day life, from how to make yourself heard in a meeting to how to organize your finances.

With interviews and testimonials from women entrepreneurs, managers and politicians, such as Nadia Calviño (recent Spanish Minister of Economy and current head of the European Investment Bank), Sarah Harmon (CEO of Sngular technology consultancy), Laura Baena (entrepreneur and creator of the El Club de Malas Madres), Ida Carruido (criminologist and communicator), Marta Cabezas (founding partner of HIVE law firm), Bisila Bokoko (CEO of BBES and speaker) and Anne Delmas (director of VisionLab)


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