The First Ones


The goal of this action is to broaden the idea of ​​success as individual task towards success as a collective achievement.

The race of “Las Primeras” is a symbolic action carried out by a group of women who run together wearing all the number 1. Whatever the position they arrive at the finish line, they all are winners. The aim is to generate the image of a group that moves in the same direction where the achievements of one are the achievements of all. A race in which the participants do not compete with each other but rather they run together in order to get further.

Feminism is a political and social movement that demands equal rights between men and women. The different perspectives within the movement help us to dialogue and open debates that are necessary to be able to evolve, but that does not keep us from moving in the same direction. Respecting one’s individuality without losing sight of the collective.

This race takes place in the public space as a form of occupation and claim of that space, and the number “1” symbolizes those top positions to which women have most difficult access in many areas.

The first edition of Las Primeras took place on March 19, 2017 in Málaga (Spain) and was sponsored and documented by AAMMA, Andalusian Association of Women in the Audiovisual Media.