Eyes that see, hearts that feel


Citizen participation project about Arenales (a neighborhood in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) in which neighbors wishing to show their support for prostituted women place eyes in their windows and balconies facing the places where women are prostituted as a way of saying, “you are not alone. We are not turning a blind eye. We are here for you.”

The first step to fixing a problem is to see it for what it is. The most common reaction in neighborhoods where women are prostituted is to try to transfer the prostitution elsewhere. This is due to a very superficial view of the problem based on stereotypes, and in the end, the tendency is to ignore it.
Only by looking deeper and understanding the actual cause of why those women are there can something be done to improve their situation and the entire neighborhood.

This involves more than merely looking at women in prostitution, but also at the men who prostitute them who believe they can continue to go unpunished because they are invisible. For these women to stop being treated as meat and to be considered human, they must be seen by society. On the one hand, society sees them, and on the other, they no longer feel invisible and forgotten.