The project “Do not touch, Do not kill, Do not rape” is born of a personal initiative provoked by the large number of women being raped during the celebration of Sanfermines in 2016 and the continuous sexual assaults that the women suffer in popular festivals and celebrations. I set myself to wear a T-shirt with the phrase “DO NOT TOUCH, DO NOT KILL, DO NOT RAPE. This body is mine (and no one else’s)” printed on the front for 7 days in a row in order to send the message to all the people who came across me.

In those days I experience many feelings and collect different reactions from passersby: while I walk, most men just read the text in passing and then looked down, while many women’s reactions was different, they read the sentence and give me a knowing look. Sometimes in public transport the shirt sparkled a debate and people who sat together started talking about the matter.

In this article I share further information about the experience:

The design of the shirt is available to all everyone who wants to print one for themselves, both women and men (with an adaptation of the text) and are willing to wear the T-shirt in their everyday life, at popular festivals or public events. Both in Spain and abroad.

You can download the t-shirt design here.