“Poses” is a direct criticism of the absurd and artificial world of glamour and of fashion that magazines present, specifically, the highly-distorted image of women that they transmit through models that do not represent real women and promoting harmful parameters and attitudes for her.

These images of women (thrown, submissive, weak, sick…) are the most feminine reference in the mass media and they have a great influence in both men and women when building our roles in terms of behavior and ways of thinking.

Using these impossible stances of the fashion publishing, a group of real women transfer these poses to daily scenes: the queue of a museum, the supermarket or the bus stop, sparking off the reaction of the spectators (on the other hand, regular consumers of these images).

The aim: to make it clear how ridiculous, and at times harmful, it can be to follow these models that the world of glamour impose on us.

The project “Poses”, which amounts over 1 million views on Youtube, has been shown and analyzed by dozens of media from all over the world and has also had a social impact: a number of anonymous women started to produce their own versions of those ridiculous poses they found in fashion magazines, which gave birth to two new projects: “Pose N5”a collective open call inviting people to imitate a particular pose from a Chanel ad campaign, and the website www.strikethepose.organd online platform into which users can upload and criticize humiliating and degrading poses and also make their own variations.

It has also been included in several educational programs about gender and social awareness.