Maldito Estereotipo


Media and images are no longer tools. Instead, they have become our natural habitat. We learn to socialize through series and films, meet people via portrait galleries, and vote in terms of the memes circulating on media. We identify with photos posted on Instagram. We sell products using scripted videos…  The images are everywhere. It is essential to know how they operate and affect us.

In this book, Yolanda Domínguez – a visual artist and activist committed to equality – reflects on the visual messages we consume and generate daily. Why is it important to see women with diverse bodies without makeup in the media? Do images of suffering victims bring about change? Does advertising influence our personality? Is there any integrity to companies selling products in the name of social movements? What roles do selfies and likes play in the visual revolution?

With its ironic and instructive approach, “Maldito estereotipo” answers all these questions by providing a big mirror to see our reflection. A practical guide for those who create and consume images day after day.


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